10 Tips to Write Better Emails

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Source:  FreeDigitalPhotos

Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

Emails are one of the primary forms of communication in the business world, which means that you need to know how to write them well. Here are 10 ways to write better business emails:

  1. Avoid metaphors and similes.
  2. Use simple and clear language. Avoid long words when a short word will do.
  3. Take out unnecessary words. Be ruthless when you edit your emails.
  4. Use an active voice to energize your emails and avoid using the passive verb.
  5. Avoid using jargon or foreign phrases if you know the English equivalent.
  6. Don’t be over enthusiastic. Nothing ruins a business email faster than excessive exclamation points and writing in all caps.
  7. Practice good grammar; for example, always match your subject to your pronoun and verb.
  8. Try to limit how many adverbs you use.
  9. Use “that” and “which” correctly. The word “that” introduces essential information while “which” introduces additional information that is not necessarily essential to the sentence.
  10. Know the difference between “affect” and “effect”. The word “affect” is a verb meaning “to influence”. The word “effect” is a noun that means “result”.

Follow these 10 tips to write better business emails and be sure to contact us at StaffNet for job search tips and more today.