8 Questions to Never Ask During a Job Interview

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Source:  Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Asking questions during an interview is usually seen as a good thing. It shows that you’re truly interested in the position, and engaged in the interaction. However, there are some questions you should avoid. Never ask these questions, no matter how tempted you may feel:

  1. Don’t ask whether the employer can change the job schedule.
  2. Avoid asking in-depth questions about the interviewer’s background, as this makes you appear to be questioning his or her abilities.
  3. Don’t ask questions about rumors or gossip you’ve heard about the company or its employees.
  4. “Do you run background checks on candidates?” should never come out of your mouth.
  5. “What is your company’s role?” should never be asked. The right way to learn this information is to study their website prior to the interview.
  6. Do not ask about available promotions. Keep the interview focused on the specific position that is open.
  7. Never inquire about computer monitoring or email archiving, as this suggests you may have something to hide.
  8. Don’t ask how quickly you can ask for a raise, or how much higher-ups in the company are earning.

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