I would like to take this opportunity to express my belief in and wonderful experiences with StaffNet.

For twenty-four years I have managed offices for corporations. I spent fifteen years with Apple Computer, Inc. when it was in its formative years. I then spent five years with an international commercial real estate company here in Atlanta which was also in the early days of a booming growth period. I have always been responsible for the interviewing, hiring and supervision of all administrative staff, including receptionists and mail room personnel. During the last five years I handled all the Human Resource responsibility for all Atlanta-based staff in addition to managing the office.

Fortunately, several years ago I had an administrative assistant who suggested I get in touch with StaffNet and discuss my hiring needs. She spent a large amount of time understanding how our office operated and what type of candidates I would want to interview. In the past I had interviewed so many candidates presented by other recruiters who were totally unacceptable and involved a lot of my time unnecessarily. Maureen always sent me candidates who were appropriate and one day I actually hired two of them. Not only did she provide candidates for the office I managed (67 staff), but I referred her to the Property Managers of the buildings our company managed in Atlanta.

StaffNet is one of the most professional company’s I have been fortunate to have worked with and they certainly did a lot to make my job easier. I have referred many candidates to them as well as other companies who need a great recruiter. It gives me great pleasure to be allowed to speak on the wonderful experience I had working with them. They were quite a blessing to me and an asset to my career! I would never hesitate to recommend StaffNet to any candidate or company.

Caroline J. D.
Administrative Manager

I have worked with StaffNet from both sides of the fence. They have placed me in 3 excellent positions over the last 15 years as well as helped me fill many open positions for which I needed to hire candidates. StaffNet is very diverse in both the positions they fill as well as the pool of talent they recruit from. StaffNet is very well seasoned in the recruiting industry and very connected in the Atlanta market. Therefore, it is with ease that they can match clients and positions with candidates. I would highly recommend StaffNet as an excellent talent recruitment team.

Gloria W. Minick
Director, Organizational Development & Compensation Worldwide

“I have a fourteen year business relationship with Mo O’Neill at StaffNet. During that time I have certainly not been her biggest client in terms of number of searches, but I can truthfully say….I have not had better results with anyone as far as the quality of candidates and the subsequent hires I have made”.

Dan Brooks
Vice President Human Resources

The first thing I noticed that was different about StaffNet from other
recruiters I had worked with was their determination. I believe they were
more determined to find me the right position more than I was. From the
moment I met their staff they were working on finding me the right job. StaffNet
scheduled interviews with three companies within a few weeks. They gave me instructions about the people I would be meeting, what type of
work environment the company had, and what they were looking for in the
candidate. I was offered a position from these interviews and I have
been enjoying and excelling in my career since then. I have worked with
other recruiters but none took as much time or seemed to care about
finding me the right job as much as StaffNet. If I ever find myself looking
for a new opportunity, or if I need someone in my department, I will
definitely call StaffNet.


I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping me find a job. You’ve been so wonderful for sticking with me for the past 4 months and now I have finally found something that is going to be great! Thanks again for all you help! It is greatly appreciated!


Thank you very much for the time you spent with me today. I greatly appreciate your support and guidance and am very glad you do the work you do to help us.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Very truly,

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help. I can’t begin to express all my gratitude; you were so kind and helpful through this process. I was nervous about starting over since I filed for divorce but your help in finding a new career has made it much easier to look to the future. I am so excited about my new job and about starting a new life. Once again thank you so much!

Yours Truly,

Thank you for doing so much to help me find a new job. I really appreciate all of your hard work.

You are the best!! Have a great week.


Wanted to write and thank you for all of your guidance and positive influences in helping me secure my new job. I am thoroughly enjoying coming to work every day and being challenged. I know this career move will be very beneficial for my long term career plans. Again, thank you for considering me as a possible candidate. Take Care and know the I will remember to refer any potentials your way.

Kind Regards,
T. Sundling