Dismiss These Interview Myths

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Whether you have participated in a lot of job interviews or you are just starting out on your job search journey, you may have heard certain things about how job interviews work. Just because you heard something doesn’t make it the truth, lets look at some of these common myths.

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  • Interviewers are Prepared - This is certainly not always the case, actually they may not even have had a chance to look over your qualifications.
  • They Want More Information - If you are applying for a job that requires an artistic portfolio then they may want to see your work, otherwise it is likely they do not want to be weighed down with extra paperwork.
  • Employers Want a Set Answer - When it comes to interview questions it is more a matter of how you address the question than if you get the question right.
  • Skills over Looks - Whether you like it or not the way you look forms a valuable and lasting impression.
  • Qualifications Always Win - This is not true, a lot of employers would rather have a hard worker with a good disposition then someone with the perfect qualifications.

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