Short Guide for the Skype or FaceTime Interview

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Skype Interview

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Job seekers should familiarize themselves with Skype and FaceTime since it’s becoming a more common request under certain conditions when face-to-face interviews cannot be arranged. As with anything, practice is a must. Who among us hasn’t gasped when caught on their smart phone screen off guard? You should prepare for a Skype or FaceTime interview just as you would for an in person interview. Additionally, certain steps should also be taken in order to ensure you get the best interview possible via technology. Check out a few secrets for acing Skype and FaceTime interview:

  • Make eye contact: It can be too easy to focus on what you look like during a Skype or FaceTime interview. Avoid looking at yourself and be sure you are making eye contact with the interviewer to prove how interested and invested you are in the position as well as the interview.
  • Create a quiet environment: Be sure that you are in an area that is quiet and allows for you to conduct the interview at a normal speaking volume. This also means you should rid the area of distractions, which includes having other browser windows open during the interview.
  • Dress professionally: It may be tempting to wear a professional-looking top and comfortable pants. You should dress as though you are going to a face-to-face interview to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions that may arise.
  • Avoid technical difficulties: Before your interview begins, it is a good idea to take care of any technical issues that could arise during the interview. This includes testing the sound and connection, setting the proper amount of lighting, and plugging the power cord in if needed.
  • Have web cam etiquette: Knowing proper web cam etiquette is crucial. Some web cam etiquette includes, sitting up straight, sitting on a surface that allows you to look the interviewer face-to-face and not down or up, and not sitting too close to the camera.
  • Be at proper angle: Be sure your technology is at a pleasing angle and not pointed under your chin. A lift may be in order for your monitor, smart phone or tablet.
  • Check your surroundings:  Be sure where you sit that your surrounding background is uncluttered and not distracting.  Review different seating options and choose the most professional and tidy.

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