Tips for Better Managing Your Work/Life Balance

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in Day Planning, Featured, Time Management | Comments Off on Tips for Better Managing Your Work/Life Balance

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Do you spend so much time at work that your personal life is suffering? You’re not alone. In today’s world where technology allows workers to be connected to their jobs all day, every day, it’s particularly hard to strike a balance between work and your personal life. These work/life balance tips can help.

  • Set a time in the evening at which you unplug from technology. Make sure this is at least two or three hours before bedtime, so you have enough time to take care of yourself, your family, and your personal responsibilities.
  • Adopt a habit of exercising at the same time every day. Make this obligation as much of a priority as you would an important meeting. Exercising is an important part of caring for your body and mind. It also helps you clear your mind, so you can focus on work and perform more efficiently.
  • Cut out time-wasting activities such as browsing Facebook and texting friends at work. You’ll be more efficient, so you don’t end up bringing as much work home.

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