Welcome to StaffNet

Are you hiring additional staff? Looking for a new job or career? Sounds easy right? Not for most of us. The first step is to make the right choice. None of us can afford to make a mistake when choosing a professional recruiter and staffing agency to meet our goals.

StaffNet specializes in pairing employers with exceptional candidates.  We are the recruiting solution to the hiring process.  We represent both Fortune 50 companies and small local business.  We source talent hard to come by for companies critically aware of the importance of good staff. When you partner with us, you’re free to concentrate on your core business while we recruit, screen and access candidates that fit into your unique corporate culture and work well with your management style. We have a long successful history of providing recruiting solutions. We have an extraordinarily high success rate for several reasons:

  • We spend a lot of time and effort to get to know you, your company, what your specific employment needs are, and exactly what you’re looking for in an employee. We spend a lot of time and effort to get to know candidates. We find out their true skills, goals, and motivations while qualifying their experience. This allows us to match the right person with the right position.
  • Our premier sourcing networks allow us to recruit the most elite professionals in the business. Our recruiters and account managers utilize a multi-channel recruiting approach to tap into a wide variety of recruiting sources.
  • We talk to active job seekers as well as passive job seekers - those who are currently employed and otherwise satisfied with their position, but would be open to a new opportunity. We continually source the finest industry talent that attracts top U.S. companies to partner with us.

We excel in recruiting exceptional candidates in Operations, Manufacturing, Engineering, Administration, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Professional Services, Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Customer Service, Human Resources, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Materials, Management, Directors, Recent Grads, MBA’s, and more.

Founded in 1989, StaffNet provides professional recruitment services for Administration, Human Resources, Operations, Accounting & Finance, Manufacturing, Engineering, Sales, Support, Consulting, Management, and Marketing professionals. StaffNet evolved into a full service recruiting firm to afford our clients the opportunity to access superior staffing and recruitment solutions. We identifiy and present a broad range of solutions to hundreds of clients while effectively managing the entire placement process for them. We have a demonstrated record of success in placement within the following industries: Commercial Real Estate & Property Management, Finance, Consulting, Insurance, Construction, Architectural Design, Accounting, Import/Export, Marketing Advertising, Logistics, Consumer Goods, Banking, Software & Solutions, Manufacturing, Food, Healthcare, Management, Engineering, Power and more. Are you a candidate looking for positions in these fields? Click here.

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