Working For You

We’re effective because we have the resources to reach candidates almost everywhere they are. Our extensive networking allows us to access the best and brightest candidates in the industry. We’ve spent 25+ years archiving top talent while continually sourcing new human capital.

We have industry-specific expertise and our recruiters and account representatives understand the systems, services, skills, and specific needs that are unique to our client’s individual needs.

We have the resources to help you fill one position, or hundreds. Our network of recruiters in Atlanta and other locations in the US provide talented professionals to an array of large national organizations and smaller local companies. We span a variety of industries such as manufacturing, power generation, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, engineering, information technology, consumer goods, marketing, construction services, transportation, logistics, commercial real estate and property management, banking and financial services, mortgage, consulting and more.

Partner with us and increase your profitability by reducing your overhead, sourcing, and HR management costs by lowering attrition and other associated costs.

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