How a Handshake Can Make or Break Your Interview

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Source:  FreeDigitalPhotos

Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

Two job candidates can have similar qualifications, both give good interviews, and both make great first impressions, but if one begins and ends the interview with a better handshake, he or she may be more likely to get the job. Your handshake says a lot about you, so follow these handshake tips to ensure yours conveys a positive message.

  • Stand up to shake hands. If you’re still sitting when the interviewer approaches you, stand up! You don’t want to appear that you need help out of a chair or have low energy.
  • Offer a firm grip. A weak, limp handshake may suggest to your employer that you are shy or that you lack confidence. Grasp firmly, as if you were grasping a broom handle.
  • Make eye contact. Look straight into the interviewer’s eyes, and maintain eye contact throughout the duration of the handshake. This conveys a sense of confidence, and will suggest to your employer that you are dependable and tenacious.
  • Don’t fidget. Playing with your hands, touching your hair, or switching your weight from foot to foot are common nervous habits. Practice your handshake before your interview. Practice with someone over and over again until you no longer fidget.

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