Successfully Customize Your Resume With These 5 Tips

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Source:  Flickr

Source: Flickr

Managers look through resumes quickly, deciding whether to push yours to the side or call you in for an interview in only a few split seconds. If you want to grab an employer’s attention, you need to have a resume that not only sums up your skills and experience, but also does so in a unique and customized way. Follow these tips to customize your resume.

  • If you have a long and varied employment history, consider having a “specialized skills” section at the top of your resume, in which you highlight 2 or 3 skills that are most relevant to the specific position to which you’re applying. This ensures the employer does not overlook these skills.
  • Identify a few keywords in the job posting. These might be terms like “programming” or “organized.” Ensure these words also appear in your resume, so the reader automatically things, “wow, this one sounds like a good match.”
  • Research the company’s goals, and include experiences that show you’re capable of helping them achieve those goals.
  • Unless you’re in a creative, artsy or graphics role – keep you format traditional, easy to read, and on quality bond paper neutral in color. Maybe you’re creative, but you’re resume reviewer may not be, and isn’t as charmed as you think with one of a kind creations.

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