Things to Consider When Evaluating a Job Offer

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Evaluate Job Offers

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Before you accept a job offer, you need to take some time making sure that the job is exactly what you have been searching for.

Be sure to consider these points while evaluating a job offer:

  • You need to consider not only the compensation laid out in the job offer, but also the compensation value of their benefits package. Even if your salary is non-negotiable, there is still the matter of non-financial compensation such as health care, vacation days, and even start dates. Once you understand what is being offered to you and the financial impact of the entire package, you will have an easier time deciding whether you want to negotiate and how far you are willing to push.
  • Learning about your commute to your workplace is important because it’s something that you’ll be doing on a daily basis. Perhaps your job offer is in a similar location to where you already are and a familiar commute. If not, make the drive during commuting hours so you know it is a sustainable commute. Some companies also offer flexible work schedules and working remotely, but most office positions have set hours and the demands of the role require being in the office.
  • Finally, you want to make sure that the job can further your career goals. This means not only the chance for promotion, but possibly also the chance for continuing education. Or, perhaps, a work-life-balance job is a better fit for you. Know yourself, and research the position and company, to determine that the job offered aligns with your career vision.

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